Les mains company was established in 2012 as in home massage and SPA services. Very fast I became personal massage therapist to many Stars and Athletes. Over time as I started to receive lots of phone calls from clients, who preferred to come to my location, therefore I decided to open a small massage and skin care studio on Upper West Side in Manhattan. My miniature Day Spa Studio is located at 506 Amsterdam Ave. (below "The Time For Children"), (between 84th & 85th st). At this location I offer massage, bodywork and skin care services. I specialize in Medical /Sports Massage, Medi-Cupping and Lymphatic Drainage Therapies. For skin care treatments I use a French marine spa brand - THALGO - a world leader in Spa, renowned for treatments and products that deliver excellent results.

All our Practitioners are licensed in New York State and provide exceptional, professional services. 

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